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Extremely powerful and deadlier than heroin, the usage of fentanyl is on an uphill rise and contributing to various opioid overdoses nowadays. As we talk about the destruction caused by the opioid crisis resulting in an increasing number of deaths, a less known drug is frequently mentioned i.e. Fentanyl. Fentanyl gained more public attention when the reason of pop star Prince’s death came out as overdosage of Fentanyl. In the previous times, the drug was used only as a pharmaceutical painkiller for extreme painful surgeries as a treatment measure, Fentanyl is now being held responsible for a number of deaths caused as a result of substance abuse. New to the market, what exactly is this drug and why is it so dangerous? Let’s have a look.


A synthetic opioid made in laboratories, Fentanyl acts in the same way on the brain as other strong painkillers such as morphine, heroin, etc. does.  This fatal drug, however, is a lot more powerful than the counterparts. Fentanyl is said to be 100 times stronger than morphine or heroin, indicating that even taking a small percentage of this dangerous drug can prove to be deadly. Fentanyl has an extremely strong potency meaning that the selling of this drug is profitable for dealers as well as dangerous for those who consume it.

Growingly, the drug heroin is mixed with fentanyl and then being sold so anyone who consumes thinking it is heroin may, in fact, be getting a mixture of heroin with this fatal drug or even pure fentanyl. A recent discovery has also found out that the painkiller pills such as oxycodone or Xanax are not mixed with fentanyl, but rather are pure fentanyl. This act of deceit is proving to be lethal. While a number of people may not know they are consuming fentanyl, others might become victim of the disease of addiction and seek drug rehab.

A great many medical professionals are often prescribing this drug to cope up with short as well as long-term pain problems faced by patients who are either recovering from major injuries or undergoing surgical procedures. This drug, however, has caused a grave number of deaths in the previous year. National Center for Health statistics show that of the total 66,987 drug overdoses deaths in 2017, 23,321 were caused as a result of fentanyl overdosages. The increase in these deaths as result of fentanyl overdosage is up to 540% over the span of last 3 years.


Being used as an opioid, fentanyl travels through the blood stream with an end goal to eventually reach the brain. The drug tends to bind itself to different opioid receptors on specific brain cells. When this happens, the drug tends to create a peaceful and calming effect which includes numbing of the pain area, steady breathing and an overall elated feeling. A notable difference between fentanyl and other similar opioids is the pace with which all these effects are produced.

A Schedule II prescription drug, Fentanyl is generally used to treat patients with chronic pain conditions. When the drug is given to patients, fentanyl must be kept in a very controlled environment and its use must be administered properly to avoid addiction or overdose. When a doctor prescribes this drug, it is given usually via injection, lozenges or transdermal patch. The drug has been used as a medicine since the 1960s, the illegal usage of the drug dates to 1990s.


A harsh reality, yes, it is true! Fentanyl is used generally to cut different kinds of drugs such as heroin, cocaine, etc. It is seen that a number of methamphetamine is cut using this fatal drug.

Are you wondering why other drugs are cut using Fentanyl? Bootlegging fentanyl is very inexpensive and when an opioid is combined with a tonic, it is said to create a different kind of euphoria for people using it. The term is referred to as speed-balling.


The only way to help patients who are using fentanyl as a drug is the same as for any other forms of opioid: to provide workable and effectual addiction treatment. However, the first and most significant step is to help patients stay put, stay safe and stay alive until the treatment is started. The drug detox begins with providing immediate and instant access to lifesaving treatment as required. As a matter of fact, every opioid’s overdose is risky but fentanyl has topped all in dangerousness! Every single use of fentanyl drug puts the user at the risk of on the spot death. This calls for increased need to change how the treatment is perceived in general. A lot of the previously established addiction treatments were designed for alcohol detox. Excessive usage of even alcohol is lethal but it usually takes a lot of time, even years, to kill someone. On the contrary, opioid addiction is extremely dangerous so waiting to get the treatment for substance abuse isn’t wise. Immediate treatment must be provided, in the hospital’s emergency department, at the hospital bed, etc. A combination of medicines and psychological treatments is said to be the most effective way to get people out of their addictions.


A public health emergency would allow authorities to allocate noteworthy resources and measures to cope up with human health destruction caused as a result of fatal substance abuse. An emergency, if declared, would urge the public health department to recruit the right people to provide accurate and effective treatment to the patients. The department of health needs to put alleviated attention and focus to solve this crisis and declaring an emergency can help accomplish the objective. People who are going through drug addiction requires focused attention and hands-on treatment to save their lives from this fatal drug.

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