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Days are gone when children used to experiment with just smoking cigarettes in their parent’s basement. Children of today are moving onto much more dangerous substances such as, crystal meth. About 1.5 million people reported using methamphetamine in 2017 and about 490,000 reported it using in the last 2 months of 2017 only. 0.5% of grade 8 students, 0.8% of grade 10 students and 0.6% of grade 12 students reported using methamphetamine. These numbers show that meth is not used as a frequent substance abuse like marijuana or inhalants but kids are still getting their hands on it and consuming it.


Methamphetamine or meth, present in the form of white crystalline, is an extremely addictive drug that bears detrimental physical and psychological after-effects. It can be a lucrative option for teens to use because it is easily accessible and considerably cheaper than cocaine. This powerful stimulant affects the person’s central nervous system. Meth interacts with the neurotransmitters in the brain and nervous system to increase alertness and energy and diminish appetite.


It can be a rather dauting discovery to find out if your child is consuming meth and requires going to a drug detox center. But it is extremely important to look for signs if you are suspecting your child is consuming meth and get the addiction treatment proceeded as soon as possible. Meth is a dangerous substance; therefore, you should not wait any longer if you find out that your child is addicted to meth.

Are you unsure how to figure out if your child suffers from meth addiction? Look out for below mentioned signs in your child and if you find similarities, consult a drug rehab center and talk to an expert immediately.

  • Sudden loss of weight

Crystal meth is a stimulant, meaning it tends to pace up the body’s central nervous system. In the past, it has even been used to treat obesity in several patients. If you notice sudden loss of weight in your child, it’s a red flag! This can be due to the physical effects of the drug, loss of appetite or general disinterest in food.

  • Changed sleeping patterns

Children who consume crystal meth suffer from changed sleep patterns. If your child is sleeping a lot or suffering from insomnia and sleeping very less, then its about time you communicate to your child and visit a meth rehab if need be.

  • Meth Mouth

The ingredients in this drug are highly addictive and causes the mouth to dry out, leaving behind no saliva to protect or clean the teeth. When meth users stay high for more than 3 days, they rarely brush their teeth because the euphoric feeling doesn’t let them stay in their right mind state. This causes considerable tooth decay. You may also notice changed color lips or burns around your child’s lips caused because of smoking the drug using a hot glass or a metal pipe.

  • Memory loss

Meth is a dangerous drug made from potent substance and very dangerous chemicals. Studies have found Alzheimer’s-like symptoms in meth users, in an age as young as 16. Children who suffer from substance abuse often tends to suffer from memory loss.

  • Personality changes

If you notice that your child’s personality has suddenly transformed and if your child is being very secretive, don’t hold back to respect privacy and start digging your child’s room and personal belongings to look for clues.

  • Aggression

Since meth directly affects the individual’s central nervous system, it ca largely alter the user’s mood and reaction to things. While a lot of parents consider mood swings as part of teen age, it is important to realize that violent behavior or wild mood swings indicate that the kid is high on meth.

  • Withdrawal

If your child is quieter than normal, doesn’t eat and doesn’t smile often, your child might be depressed. Furthermore, if your child is not taking interest in activities they used to love, lack of interest in personal hygiene and deteriorating school performance are clear warning signs.


If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned signs in your child, its about time to visit a drug detox center and get the process of detoxification of your child begin. It might be the hardest thing to witness seeing your child suffer from substance abuse but stay strong so that you can help your child come back to his/her colorful life.

Look for a meth rehab center that provides a medically supervised detox program. A carefully designed program can help to cope up with not only addiction but the counselling will help the kids realize how dangerous this drug is and prevent relapse. The ideal facility must specialize in meth cases and should be able to assist with physical problems related to meth use such as infected skin, etc.

While recovering from meth abuse may be challenging, it is certainly not impossible. There are number of people who have left their habit of meth addiction and gone back to their sober lives. Your child can too!

This reality is very concerning and worrying for parents who are suspecting their children are abusing crystal meth. If you feel your child is using meth and requires addiction treatment, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Contact www.affinityrecovery.com and connect with experts who can guide you through the process of sending your child off to a meth rehab and get your child back on track.

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