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How to stop drinking?

Like any other drug, alcohol is deemed bad for your health, especially if it is used in high quantities and with increasing frequency. If you are afraid that you are consuming a lot of alcohol, or are finding it hard to quit, there is a possibility you are addicted to it. If you question yourself about being an alcoholic and if you plan on drinking and quitting for good, it is recommended that you read on, and help yourself quitting and leading a happy healthy life.

As per an estimate, almost 240 people die because of Alcohol consumption every day. And though the alcohol consumption is high it still maybe the smartest choice to quit drinking it. The journey to be sober is a difficult one, but the hardest part is to achieve sobriety in the first place. However, no matter how difficult things are, people manage to come out of alcohol addiction every day and successfully live a healthy fulfilling life.

It is always a good idea to seek professional help when it comes to leaving addictions, also the article would discuss things that would motivate you to remain sober and help you on your road to recovery:

Accept the problem!

Sometimes before solving the issue, it is important to look yourself in the eye and accept that the issue exists and you have to work hard to solve the issue. It may take a lot of courage and determination to really accept it, you may realize it as a problem, but may not be ready to let it go. You may also blame other factors for the things affected because of alcohol, but that would not allow you to move ahead and take your problem head on.

When your brain tries to go to self-justification mode. The easiest trick is to be honest to yourself, and imagine life after 5 years with the same drinking pattern as you currently have. If you are not ok with that kind of life and life choices, then it is time to look at problem in the might and work towards solving it.

Why should you stop drinking?

Motivation is key if you want to stop drinking alcohol for good, however the motivation usually offered is long-term motivation, and is usually not enough for those looking forward to quit drinking, this is true because most of us demand instant gratification. Especially long term benefits about your health don’t usually have that motivational effect. Hence the following could be used as good motivational boosters to stop being an alcoholic.

Save on time, the time lost on going to a bar or fixing yourself a drink, then amount of time spent in drinking it and the time it takes for the buzzes for settle down, and the time you could be saving because of no hangovers. Utilize that time to be more productive and to be more attentive towards all the important things in your life that need your immediate attention. An addiction makes us weak, and we start depending a bit too much on the drug or alcohol to be the one starting conversations. This may change if you focus on more meaningful discussions and character building habits once we have stopped drinking, to help become better as a person.

Furthermore, save up! See yourself saving money that would otherwise have gone into buying alcohol. You could save up this money and use it to buy something that would enhance your life without addiction. Similarly, you’ll save up on time, and your quality of sleep also increases. Hence making you get the rest that your body deserves for functioning well again.


Know that this choice of giving up drinking is because you care for yourself and others around you. You worry about the quality of life and you choose to live healthy and sober. In order to do it, intentionally let go of friends who drink around you, and discourage anyone in family who might drink around you, or force you into having a drink. Know your struggle and make sure no one forces you to change your decision.

If they are good friends, they would support you and your cause, if they don’t, they should not be your priority any more.

Be Proud To Choose Healthy:

Too much of Alcohol has cause to take its toll on your lifestyle. And as you enjoyed the phase that was ruining your health and habits, you should similarly celebrate your choice to be better off the drinking. Simply advertise that you are off drugs or alcohol and it still is very cool and enjoyable. Send off the message that drugs are not required for having fun. Alcohol does not make everything cool!

Know Your Stuff

Quitting may not be easy, you might face pain, and severe effects of withdrawals, including nausea and vomiting, and headaches. But this pain is part of your recovery. As an alcoholic, your withdrawal period may be difficult and may hurt. It is hence important to make sure you stay strong and know that this pain is to make your own body better. Also, remember to always take professional help, if things turn to be out of control.

As a result of the decision of stop Alcohol abuse, you might experience;

  • Elevated temperature
  • Increased blood pressure, breathing rate, and pulse
  • Excessive sweating
  • Tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures – in extreme cases.

Next, focus on Detox, allow your body to clean itself of all the toxic materials developed because of alcohol consumption. This detox may also be a bit difficult, but at an alcohol rehab center there are several medicines that could be used to ease their process.

Lastly, the idea of letting alcohol go from your life, and choosing a better, healthier lifestyle for yourself and those around you is a good initiative. Use this good energy and work hard into maintaining your distance from alcohol. Set short term goals for yourself, and don’t fall into relapse, and try to remain healthy and drug-free.

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