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Clinically Managed Detox Should Be the First
Step in Any Effective Treatment Program

First Things First

Communication is Key

Clients will undergo several assessments with all members of our experienced staff. This is to assure that you receive the appropriate care from our entire team.

These evaluations will give staff members the necessary material to recommend the appropriate length of treatment for the individual. Before entering into a customized addiction recovery program, the client will be guided through a clinically managed detoxification.

Next Up

Detox Prepares Your Way

Affinity Recovery’s experienced professionals are there for our clients every step of the way during their clinically managed detox. We know that many clients are concerned that withdrawals will make the detox process unmanageable.

Because of this, we administer comprehensive evaluations to decide what level of support is required for each client throughout their detox experience. The safety and comfort of our clients is of utmost importance to our staff.


Get the Support You Need

Individuals who are battling the cycle of substance abuse respond best to a dual diagnosis approach where both the mental and physical aspects of addiction can be addressed. The first step in this kind of recovery should always be detox.

We promote comprehensive care and individualized treatment. After completing a successful detox, clients are then transferred to an addiction recovery program or transitional living facilities.

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